Cycling park in Chianti

Pedaling along the dirt roads

Via Casabianca

Woods and vineyards, isolated villages and streets that follow the contours of a proud and private land: this is how Chianti appears to cyclists, with its superb dirt tracks.

You ride up hills and down again, without haste. Cyclists can pedal harnessing the power of gravity to discover a corner of the Siena area. At the end of a day's cycling in Chianti, unwind with a glass of fine wine.

ContactParco Ciclistico del Chianti c/o Tourist Board, Via Casabianca, 53013 Gaiole in Chianti tel. 0577749411


Cover image credit: Gian Luca Gagino

Greve in Chianti
A stunning town well known for its high quality wine and olive oil
Greve is at an altitude of 236m and has a population of around thirteen thousand inhabitants. Greve has been inhabited since the Etruscans made the area their home. Many local places names however were given by the Romans who later settled in the region. The town centre dates back to the Middle Ages. ...