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Crete of Coeli Aula

A magical place immersed in nature

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Between the residential areas of Botinaccio, Montespertoli and the industrial area of Falagiana, emerges the town of Coeli Aula (Montespertoli).

Ruins, second houses and country houses are testimony to the culture of a part of Tuscany that has remained faithful to the traditions and agricultural activities. In this magical place, untouched nature dominates the territory. In this zone, in fact, the characterising element comes from the numerous red clay deposits -crete - that emerge from the vertical rocky formations that form a contrast with the softly rolling hills nearby. 

It is a pearl of the Tuscan territory, where time seems to stand still, where church bells and birdsong still signal the hours of the day. To live the magic of this place and of the crete, visit the Parish Church of Santa Maria at Coeli Aula, a religious and recreational centre about 5km from Montespertoli.

Visit the important Museum of Sacred Art
The area in and around Montespertoli has been inhabited since the Etruscans first settled in the region. The town was situated on the important trade route, the Via Volterrana, which connected Florence, Siena and Volterra. In the Early Middle Ages the first stately homes began to spring up, such as the Ormanni Castle near Montegufoni which was subsequently destroyed by the Florentines in 1135. ...