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Comics spotlight the world of Galileo

Lucca’s Comics Museum hosts noteworthy show

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Visitors to Lucca’s Comics Museum, won’t want to miss a noteworthy show made up of six major thematic exhibitions designed to build awareness regarding science. Myriad comic stories made by major European comic artists will serve as a guide throughout the exhibition. A new character by the name of Galileo was specially created for the shows; he has become the protagonists of a major international publishing company specializing in comic stories and film animation. Visitors can enjoy over 2,700 square meters of exhibition space in the Museo del Fumetto, comics museum.
Located in historic buildings in the heart of Lucca’s city center, you’ll find various sections featuring titles like ‘Galileo’, ‘Disney’, ‘Science in the clouds’, ‘Homage to the Moon’, ‘From micro to the macrocosm’. The exhibition is also linked to several important publishing projects, including the publication of two books on Galileo and the scientific method. One is more imaginative and appropriate for primary school children, while the other is suitable for middle and high school students. The exhibition will be open from May 2 to November 5, 2009. For more information: tel. 0583 56326; Museum hours: open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 7pm, closed Mondays.
Torre del Lago Puccini
Sunny beaches, fresh pine forests, a peaceful lake and spectacular performances
Torre del Lago, the town's original title (named after a 15th-century watchtower), was adorned with Puccini's name in honor of the great composer's deep love for the area. Torre del Lago boasted a small population until the mid-18th century: after the Republic of Lucca's government drained and re-forested the area’s swampy terrain, the zone became accessible for hunting, fishing and farming. ...