Collegiate Museum of San Giovanni Battista in Chianciano Terme

Sacred Works and Objects on Show from Various Local Churches

Chianciano Terme

The museum is located in the Palace of the High Priest in the center of Chianciano. It was started as a Hall of Ancient Art in 1923 and was reorganized in 1988 according to modern museum criteria. It holds important religious paintings and objects from the 1300s-1800s and which belong to the parish, the Municipality and other churches in the area. 

Especially important is a large crucifix from 1300 by Segna di Bonaventura, a Madonna on wood by the Nicola Pisano school, a beautiful polytich with the Madonna and the Saints of the Master of Chianciano. The icon showing San Giovanni Battista that holds up Chianciano from the 1500s reveals the way the town used to look. 


Cover image credit: Josefine Granding Larsson

Chianciano Terme
Wellness, nature and culture
The area in which the Chianciano thermal spa has been developed is surrounded by wooded hills, which are free from serious pollution problems and as such undoubtedly provide the best safeguard for the ecological and hydrological system of the area, which is rich in water with highly curative properties. ...