San Miniato

Collection of the Accademia degli Euteleti

Among the works on display is the funeral mask of Napoleon Bonaparte

Palazzo Migliorati

The collection is located in the Palazzo Migliorati, which was built in the 17th century. It has also housed the Accademia degli Euteleti since 1984. The Academia took its current name following the reorganization of the institution in 1822 and derives from the 17th-century Accademia degli Affidati and the 18th-century Accademia degli dei Rinati. It conserves important archives, antiques, and an array of antique and contemporary graphic works.

Contact: San Miniato Municipality

San Miniato
Famous for truffles and other treasures
San Miniato is a charming village perched atop a hill located along the Arno river, halfway between Florence and Pisa. The origins of this city, which is famous for its delicious white truffles, go back to the Etruscan-Roman times. The town’s castle was built in 962 by Otto I and, it was known to host Frederick Barbarossa and Pope Gregory V. ...