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Chiostro dello Scalzo, Firenze
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Cloister of the Scalzo

Once the headquarters of the Confraternity of the Disciplinati of Saint John the Baptist. Founded in 1376, the Confraternita was known as the “Scalzo,” or sock-less, because the cross-bearer in its processions would walk barefoot

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Via Cavour, 69
The confraternity was disbanded by Pietro Leopoldo di Lorena in 1785. The only thing that remains is this cloister decorated with 16 monochromatic frescoes showing scenes from the Life of Saint John the Baptist, painted by Andrea Del Sarto (1486-1530.) Two of the episodes were painted by Franciabigio (1482-1525) while Del Sarto was away in Paris in 1518.

These frescoes were executed between 1514 and 1524 and represent a high-point in the master’s stylistic and technical development and played a fundamental role in the development of Florentine art at the beginning of the 1500s.
Chiostro dello Scalzo
Viia Cavour 69 - Firenze
Ph: +39 055 2388604
Free entrance
Opening hours: Monday, Thursday, Saturday: 8:15am-1:50pm.

Source: Florence APT
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