Portoferraio, the Dome
Places of worship

Church of the Nativity

Also known as the Propositura of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, this church is the most important on Elba Island

Piazza della Repubblica, 34

The propositura of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary is the main church in Portoferraio. The building’s current appearance stems from the rehashing that took place in the early 19th century, when the two side chapels, added in 1623 to the temple erected in the Cosimian age, were converted into naves.

Inside, the 18th-century altar dedicated to the Madonna for Travellers recalls the vocation of the maritime city, entrusting its boat to the Virgin Mary; on the altarpiece the boat reappears as an added silver votive that an angel offers to the Madonna. The painting Madonna of the Rosary dates to 1632. The altar of the Immaculate Conception holds the eighteenth-century statue in papier-mache depicting the Virgin Mary. In the opposite nave, there’s the wooden cross dating to 1549, which was previously situated on the main altar.

Contact (ITA): duomodiportoferraio.it


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