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Chiesa di SS.Giovanni e Felicita in Valdicastello

Treasures in Pietrasanta

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The parish church of SS. Giovanni e Felicita was mentioned for the first time in 855. This reference probably refers to an ancient building whose remains were found at the beginning of the last century. It is located in the village of Valdicastello and boasts Romanesque ornaments both in the interior and on the façade. This building is a rare example of religious architecture that still preserves the changes made during its Gothic renovation, which we can appreciate on the façade, thanks to the insertion of a richly decorated rose window.

The parish church of SS. Giovanni e Felicita is situated at the entrance of the village of Valdicastello along an important Medieval road. The wall facing the aisles, apse and lower portion of the façade belong to the first construction period; they show different building techniques belonging to successive groups of masons in the XII century. The higher portions of the nave and façade are the result of a renovation carried out in 1408 by the local architect and sculptor Bonuccio Pardini. Later, in Modern times, the aisles and bell tower were slightly raised and a belfry was added. Finally, inside the church, visitors will delight in the late XIV century frescoes located in the apse and the XV century tabernacle to the right of the entrance.



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