Il Centro di Documentazione Archeologica dell’Alta Valdera

Centre for Archaeological Documentation of the Upper Valdera

Artifacts from the Etruscan to Middle Age Eras

The Capannoli Exhibition and Documentation centre was inaugurated in June 1999 in the Villa Baciocchi. It is the first of a series of similar structures contemplated in the project ''Archaeological routes in the Upper and Middle Valdera''. The centre has been set up with the active collaboration of the ''Tectiana'' Archaeological Group of the Valdera and Colline Pisane. The exhibition is currently divided into two sections. The first section contains display cabinets exhibiting general documents and panels illustrating the research methods adopted, the areas explored, the geological aspects of the Valdera and the different discoveries.

All exhibits are set in a chronological framework that extends from the Palaeolithic to the Middle Ages. The section also includes two small showcases in the shape of reading desks containing finds discovered in the Valdera and dating from the Palaeolithic, the Etruscan and Roman periods and the Middle Ages. There are also panels offering a cross-section of prehistoric settlements in the Valdera, and others describing the area in the Etruscan, Roman and medieval periods. The second section contains Etruscan artefacts found in the necropolises discovered in other Communes of the Valdera. Worthy of note is the life-size reconstruction of an Etruscan tomb discovered at Montevaso, in the City of Chianni.

Via Volterrana, 233
56033 -Capannoli

Centre for Archaeological Documentation – Piazza Castello, 1 – tel. 0587-606611 – Admission: free.

This medieval town can be found immersed in the green valley of the Era River
Capannoli is a delightful village of medieval origins that is found in the valley of the Era River. The town was founded under the jurisdiction of the Counts of Gherardesca, who erected a castle around which the community of Capannoli started to form. ...