Casentino, Rural Culture Documentation Centre

A museum that celebrates the traditions, habits and lifestyle of the past

Castel Focognano
The Casentino Rural Culture Documentation Centre is housed in the Torre di Ronda, in the ancient town of Castel Focognano. The Torre di Ronda is all that remains of the eleventh/twelfth century castle. The Documentation Centre was created with the aim of preserving the rural cultural heritage of this region. The items gathered in the Centre bear witness to the traditions, beliefs, customs, and habits of the people who inhabited the Casentino area throughout history. The Centre also documents the changes that the landscape has undergone over the centuries.

Opening hours
Open every day, including public holidays
By appointment only, please call the Town Hall Office of Culture on 0575-5154307 or 5154316, or the Tower custodian on 0575-592020.

Entry fee
Free. Educational activities are extra.

Disabled access

In part

Contact information
Torre di Ronda
Castel Focognano
Castel Focognano (Arezzo)
Telephone 0575 592020;0575 507272-77(Comunità Montana)

Castel Focognano
A small village immersed in the forests of the Casentino
This was the former administrative centre for the area, Castel Focognano, called Castrum in ancient times, has the ruins of 14th-century fortifications and the Palazzo Podestarile, whose façade is decorated with the armorial bearings of the podesta’ (magistrates), those who dispensed justice. There is also a little loggia dating back to the 15th century. ...