Historical sites

Casentino, Archeology Museum

Celebrates historical claims of the area

via Berni, 21

The museum presents the population of this area through three historic sections. The first illustrates the pre-history with fossils from the Lake of Villa Franchiano (no longer extant) and information on local stone-age settlements.

The second section presents Etruscan settlement in this area through the reconstruction of one of the first villages, including remnants of the Temple of Socana and diverse artifacts from the Lake of the Idols. The final section is dedicated to ancient Roman settlements and is illustrated through the reconstruction of a country villa.


Museo Archeologico del Casentino "Piero Albertoni"
Via Berni, 21 - 52011 Bibbiena
Tel. +39 0575 595486

A splendid medieval rock-fort immersed in nature
The old part of Bibbiena, a medieval fortress, is set at the top of a hill surmounted by the Torre Tarlati. A noteworthy monument is the 16th-century Palazzo Dovizi, named after the renowned family to which Cardinal Bernardo, called il Bibbiena (1470-1520) belonged. He was secretary to Pope Leo X, diplomat, and author of the play "La Calandria," which explored Renaissance society. ...