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Casa Cordati

Exhibition of works by Bruno Cordati and other contemporary artists


Casa Cordati is a 17th century palazzo located in the historic center of Barga, a city to the north of Lucca. Since 1994, the building has hosted the permanent exhibition of works by painter Bruno Cordati (1890-1979). Cordati, who showed immense talent for drawing as a child, became a decorator in order to pay for his painting classes. He fought in WWI and when he returned he decided that he should dedicate his life to painting.
His canvases denote an intense, dark style that reflect the three years spent in the trenches. But Cordati was a painter who knew how to adopt the contemporary style: he was inspired by Cezanne, then by Marinetti and Futurism. During this period, Cordati began to exhibit his works in Lucca where he was met with positive reviews from the public and by important figures such as the undersecretary of the arts who purchased one of his pastels for the National Gallery of Modern Arte in Rome.

During the first decade of the 20th century, he enjoyed success in France as well as Italy. Cordati organized various exhibitions and had numerous works commissioned b Pascoli and public institutions. His creativity played a large role in his production: each period of his life was marked by a different style, as though he wanted to represent the most important facts in an original and heterogeneous manner. In addition to numerous paintings by Cordati, the palazzo also exhibits works by contemporary artists during the summer. The guided visit to the frescoed turret and concert hall offer a beautiful panorama.

From April to October: every day from 11-13 and 15-19.
From November to February: Saturday, Sunday and holidays upon reservation only.

1,00 € guided visit

Handicap access:

via di Mezzo 17
Tel: 0583 723450

A pretty medieval town nestled between the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines and the Apuan Alps
A town of centuries-old traditions, dating to the Longobard era in the early Middle Ages (6th-8th centuries), Barga lies in a striking location between the slopes of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines and the majestic Apuan Alps. The kaleidoscope of colours, mild climate, myriad artworks and the warm welcome of the people add to the sheer beauty of the Barga Mountains. ...