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Casa Buonarroti in Florence

The place that celebrates the genius of Michelangelo

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Via Ghibellina, 70, 50122 Firenze FI, Italia

Florence's Casa Buonarroti is the museum-house dedicated to Michelangelo, a place that celebrates the genius of the great artist through displays of his family's bounteous art collections.

Here you can see two famous marble reliefs, masterpieces of Michelangelo's earliest youth: the Madonna della Scala, striking proof that he studied Donatello passionately, and the Battle of the Centaurs, an eloquent display of a love for classical art which never cooled.

This 17th-century palazzo on Via Ghibellina holds artworks gathered by the Buonarroti family, including a precious, 205-page collection of Michelangelo's signed drawings, but also paintings, sculptures, majolica and archaeological finds, distributed today over the two floors of the museum.

Madonna and Child by Michelangelo
Madonna and Child by Michelangelo

The idea of creating this lavish monument to the family and their great ancestor dates back to Michelangelo Buonarroti the Younger, a peerless man of letters and culture who, from 1612, worked for 30 years on the palazzo, particularly on the Gallery and its three successive rooms. He employed the greatest artists of the era, from Artemisia Gentileschi to Pietro da Cortona, from Giovanni da San Giovanni to Francesco Furini and the young Jacopo Vignali. In these sumptuous rooms Michelangelo the Younger arranged the most precious pieces in his collection, like his great-uncle's drawing of the Madonna and Child and the predella by Domenico Veneziano's follower Giovanni di Francesco, which depicts the history of San Nicola.

Info: casabuonarroti.it

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