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Buddha Spa

Experience "the water that heals”

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Buddha Spa
Strada Statale 223 km 56, Siena

The modern Buddha Wellness Centre was built where the ancient hot springs of Santa Caterina flowed. Originally known by locals as "the water that heals” Santa Caterina’s water flows at 28.5 ° C. This mineral water, due to its composition, rich in sulphates, calcium and bicarbonate, is well-suited for the treatment of rheumatic and vascular system disorders and skin illnesses.

At the Buddha Wellness Centre you will find an outdoor thermal pool with a four-meter high waterfall set with travertine boulders, an indoor pool with a jacuzzi, sauna, Turkish bath and a wide range of aesthetic treatments. 

Located along the Strada Statale Siena Grosseto, the wellness centre is part of the Bagnaia Golf & Spa resort, a medieval village now transformed into a hotel with a 120 hectare golf course and a restaurant where you can taste traditional and modern dishes prepared with the best local products. 

Bagnaia medieval village and hotel
Bagnaia medieval village and hotel
Where not a single stone has changed down the centuries
Siena shines perfectly from a distance in its medieval magnificence. The three hills amid which the city rests rise up like an idyllic film set, the old boundaries soften like the past into a countryside that sometimes still seem like the scene painted by Ambrosia Lorenzetti in the Allegory of Good Government in the halls of Siena's city hall. ...