Ponte sul Canal Grande

Bridge over the Canal Grande

The bridge over the Canal Grande is situated in Taverna, in the town of Gallicano


It is one of the rare medieval bridges in the Serchio Valley, consisting of a single pointed arch. The footbridge was built in sandstone and is crossed by the ancient road running from Taverna to Fiattone. Its construction was carried out by local masons in the 14th century. The bridge is in a poor state of preservation because the two parapets have fallen down.
Source: Lucca and its lands / www.luccapro.sns.it

A town of great strategic importance historically
Rebels against or subordinate to the Lucchesi, in any case playing a role in the contrasting interests of three different States: the oligarchic Republic of Lucca (then Principality and finally Duchy); the dominion of the Este Ducal family in the Province of Garfagnana (from 1451); the ever-incumbent threat of the Florentine domination, from 1347 rulers of Barga, thus wedged between the ...