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Riserva Naturale Bosco SS. Trinità - Santa Fiora
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Bosco della SS Trinità Nature Reserve

Precious gem in the heart of the Amiata

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Santa Fiora
The Bosco della SS Trinità Nature Reserve is located in the commune of Santa Fiora. The area boasts a variety of white firs, a native species of the Apennine area. Altitude in the area varies from 600 to 720 meters and is located on the western slopes of the Monte Calvo. The important SS Trinità Franciscan convent is located inside the nature reserve.

The white fir in the southern most area is accompanied by various other tree species, including lime, maple, chestnut, oak, helm and nut. The presence of white firs at a relatively low altitude has been documented since antiquity; the massive evergreens found in the reserve are in truly excellent condition.

Both the reserve and the surrounding area offer the opportunity to observe a diversified ornithological community that include numerous birds of prey like the short-toed eagle, honey buzzard, sparrow hawk and more. The richness and integrity of the ecosystems within the reserve allows for the presence of forest birds of prey and other native species. There is a small lake where trout may be introduced for reproduction purposes to aid in the repopulation of the Fiora River.

The SS Trinità Convent
The important SS Trinità Franciscan convent is located inside the nature reserve. According to popular legend, the SS Trinità convent was built in memory of Count Guido Sforza who, in the year 1400, killed a dragon that had been terrorizing the locals. He sliced the dragon’s head in two vertical parts and sent one half to the pope while the other half stayed at the convent. The religiousness of the people and the convent is well known thanks to the fact that the sanctuary is renowned as far as the Maremma area in southern Tuscany. Pilgrims and nobles would come from miles around during the Middle Ages to ensure the salvation of their souls. The area boasts a fountain nicknamed the “Pope’s Fountain”.

Disabled access: no
Qualified visitors’ center: no
Alternative personnel: no 
Means of transportation: no
Specific trails:
Other accessible trails: yes
Altitude: 600 to 720 mt
Santa Fiora
Sheltered on a cliff of volcanic rock, which dominates the spring of the Fiora river, the village of Santa Fiora has a different history unlike the other centres of the Amiata region. Indeed, the village was not subject to the rule of the Abbey of Santissimo Salvatore, but soon became the most important Amiata property of the Aldobrandeschi family, enduring numerous occupation attempts by the ...