Borgo a Mozzano

Borgo a Mozzano Archaeological Collection

Documents from the main archaeological sites

Borgo a Mozzano

The museum is housed in city hall. The collection documents the history of the area. It conserves and features mostly Ligurian and Etruscan relics—a graphic documentation of the via Clodia that indicates the main archaeological sites. For example, the Ligurian material found at the Gello jetty, a Ligurian tomb rediscovered in 1974 in Piano della Rocca, remains of fauna and Etruscan and Ligurian clay fragments which date back to the 6th to 3rd century AD discovered inside the Gioviano cave in 1974. The human remains found in the grotto in Pastino dating back to the High Middle Ages. The painting gallery houses the reconstruction of wild and domestic animals from the local fauna and a mineral collection. It is geared towards students so that the children can get to know the area's ancient history.

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via Umberto I 1
Tel: 0583 820472 (City culture office); 0583 888881 (Pro Loco)

Borgo a Mozzano
Splendid village on the bank of the Serchio after the Devil’s Bridge
Borgo a Mozzano is the first town of the Serchio Valley and is found just before the Magdalene Bridge, an incredible and magnificent medieval structure, the Valley’s true symbol, also known as the Devil’s Bridge for the legendary tale of its origins. Rocca di Mozzano is first mentioned in documents from 1180, as a property of the Soffredinghi - feudal lords. ...