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Le mura e le torri di Bientina

Bientina, its walls and towers

Defensive walls fortify the small town

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The walls around Bientina were created to make an impression thanks to their elevated position and their effectiveness as a defensive system due to the deep moat which surrounded them. There were four roads which lead up to this fortified village, more or less corresponding to the four cardinal points.

The western tower, at the corner of the present-day Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, was known as the Paracintolo Tower. The wall followed from here in a south-east direction to the La Mora Tower after passing the breaks in the wall at the village streets (created to allow air to better circulate during the 1820 epidemic), and then continues to the pentagonal Giglio Tower which was raised over a large well.

The walls then continued along their path to another tower before turning back towards the Paracintolo Tower to close the circle of the walls. It is probable that other, intermediate towers existed in the past which we do not see today. 
Nestled in greenery in the Monte Pisano foothills
Although it vaunts a medieval appearance, Bientina has acquired a more contemporary feel over the years. The town is a superb base for visitors wanting to explore Monte Pisano and the nearby Valdera valley. ...