Lucca, un giardino nel cielo
Places of worship

Baptistery and Church of SS Giovanni e Reparata

Basilica di Lucca houses remains of ancient worship site


The Church of Santa Reparata with its adjacent baptistery was built in the 4th century as the cathedral for the city of Lucca. It maintained that function until the 8th century. It was remodeled several times; today we see the Romanesque construction in the door of the façade. The majority of the church was remodeled in the 17th century.

The building was opened as a museum to allow visitors to see the different layers with remains from the 1st century BC to the 12th century AD, brought to light by excavations begun in 1969. Visitors can see the remains of a 1st century BC Roman house; 1st and 2nd century AD baths; a Paleo-Christian church and baptistery; Longobard tombs; a baptistery from the High Middle Ages; a Carologian crypt; and a baptismal font decorated with colored marble inlays.

Piazza San Giovanni
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Torre del Lago Puccini
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