La macchia della magona a Bibbona

Art in the Church of Santa Maria della Pietà in Bibbona

Panel paintings and marble sculptures


The Church of Santa Maria della Pietà was built at the entrance to Bibbona at the end of the 15th century by Vittorio Ghiberti and Ranieri da Tripalle on a Greek-cross plan with a cupola rising over the crossing.

The architraves above the three large entrance doors have Latin inscriptions on them, while on the facade is the coat-of-arms of the town: a shield with a ribbon around the border and a lion in the centre.

Inside the church, be sure to look at the painting of the “Trinity” by Cesare Dandini, the panel painting of the “Pietà” on the high altar which dates to the 14th century, and the 17th century marble ciborium in a tabernacle which is painted with images of Saints Bernardo, Paolo, Tommaso and Stefano.



Bibbona retains all the fascination of a medieval village
Its modern, well-equipped marina attracts tourists from all over the world, looking for relaxing holidays with a wide variety of sport and fun-filled activities. At Marina di Bibbona, the dense pinewood that stretches down to the beach, and the crystal clear sea, is a wonderful place for walking, cycling or horse riding at any time of the year. ...
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