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Art and nature at the Casa del Mulino

A relaxing oasis in Vernio

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In a grassy area surrounded by trees, art-lovers will find ‘Sole’ a varnished metallic sculpture donated by Bruno Saetti when he settled in Montepiano to live and work. It was precisely at the ‘Casa del Mulino’ (the Mill House) where he found an ideal environment in which to develop his artistic career. On repeated occasions he had expressed the intention to donate this land to the Municipality of Vernio so that it could become a public botanical garden. His aim was to provide locals and visitors the chance to benefit from a trip to this calm, harmonious place. Saetti’s wishes became a reality after his death and now the area is fenced in with chestnut wood posts and embellished with benches on which to rest.
The ‘Casa del Mulino’ is currently being used as an art school.


Little mountain villages with plenty to explore
Vernio is a scattered municipality in a mostly mountaineous area, rich in streams and dense in vegetation, which due to the varied nature of its little wooded hamlets proves an enjoyable summer destination for those in search of relaxation. Situated beside a large bend in the Bisenzio river, the Apennine watershed runs through the hamlets. ...