Entrance of Archeology Museum - San Gimignano

Archeology Museum

The ex-monstery of Santa Chiara is installed as museum complex which includes the Archeology Museum, the Santa Fina Spezieria, and the “Raffaele De Grada” Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art

Via Folgore da S. Giminiano, 11
The Archeology Museum unites artifacts from the Etruscan-Roman period and the Middle Ages which were discovered in excavations in the area. The course through the museum begins with an overview of the territorial history from the Bronze Age through Ancient Rome. The next section displays materials from the Pugiano excavation, ceramic and bronze artifacts from the Hellenic tomb at the “La Ripa” settlement dating to the late archaic period, burial goods from the Hellenic tomb at Poggio Palloro, and funerary urns created locally. The development of kitchen and dining sets is recounted through a display of ceramic and glass objects which also illustrate the diverse techniques used over the centuries.

Source: Province of Siena

Cover image credit: Nicola Quirico

San Gimignano
Iconic town along the Via Francigena
In this council you can admire the churches of St. Jacopo and St. Peter, the Collegiate of St. Mary of the Assumption with the Chapel of St. Fina, the Cathedral, the Museum of Sacred Art, the Podestà Palazzo and the Pratellesi Palazzo. In ancient times San Gimignano was a tiny village in the Greek-Etruscan period (III-II centuries BC). There is however some evidence of a more remote presence. ...