Museo archeologico di Saturnia

Archeological museum, Saturnia

Local finds from prehistory to Roman times


The museum is housed in Saturnia’s school buildings and displays the Ciacci collection, comprising finds dating to the period from prehistory to the Roman age. The items were unearthed between the late nineteenth century and the early twentieth century around Saturnia, Sovana and Pitigliano and in other sites in the Fiora and Albegna Valley.


The materials, bequeathed to the State in 1978, were on show initially in the Grosseto Archaeological Museum and were brought to Saturnia in 2003. The finds offer a comprehensive overview of the most typical materials of the middle Fiora Valley for the entire Etruscan and Roman era, from the seventh century BCE to the imperial age. The visit goes hand in hand with the Roman finds displayed in Piazza Vittorio Veneto and the Puntone necropolis.

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Legend has it that this ancient town was created when the god Saturn flung a thunder bolt to earth
The story goes that one day, Saturn had enough with the men on earth who were constantly at war with one another. He decided to fling a thunder bolt at them which created a huge crater and a spurt of warm, sulphurous water. This water shot into the air and then covered everything, which quietened down the warring populations. ...