Archaeological Museum 'Gaio Cilnio Mecenate'

A fascinating and rich collection of archaeological exhibits, as well as mosaics, portraits and sculptures

Inaugurated in 1951 and named after Mecenate, an illustrious citizen of Arezzo and important figure of Augustan Rome, the museum is collocated in the convent of the Montolivetani of San Bernardo, the construction of which dates back to the XIX century, on part of the structure of the Roman amphitheatre. The vaults of the ambulatory are in fact visible on the lower floor. On the ground floor material from the town and its territory is exposed topographically, while on the upper floor there are the collections of findings from several places, not all of which are known. Among the most important findings there is the ancient torso of Marciano, the numerous Templar terracotta pieces from Arezzo that demonstrate the continuity of settlement from Archaism to the Hellenistic period, small bronzes both of local manufacture and imported.

The pottery room, on the upper floor, includes objects from various places, in a period from the Villanovan to the Hellenistic era: particularly worthy of note are some Attic examples such as the famous bowl with scrolls of Euphronios depicting scenes of Amazzonomachia, a kylix attributed to Douris and an amphora from the school of Meidias. The Roman material, almost all of which comes from the town and surrounding areas, includes numerous mosaics and a rich collection of portraits and sculptures, some collections of funerary objects and a vast selection of vases in 'Aretine' glazed earthenware.

Museo Archeologico Nazionale "Gaio Cilnio Mecenate"
Address: Via Margaritone, 10 - 52100 AREZZO
Tel./fax: 0575/20882
Opening hours: Monday – Saturday 9-14 Sunday and holidays 9-13
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