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Acquerino Medieval Settlement

Part of the Montagna Pistoiese ecomuseum

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Sambuca Pistoiese

The medieval Acquerino area is an archaeological zone within the Biogenetic Nature Reserve in Acquerino, located on an ancient road that leads to the Abbey of San Salvatore di Fontana in Taona, founded around the year 1000. When the 1600 square metre structure was remodelled, a new wall complex was brought to light which housed a small, single-apse church. The area may be visited upon request. To make a reservation, send an email or phone the number below.

Contact: ecomuseo@provincia.pistoia.it

Sambuca Pistoiese
in the province of Pistoia, placed on the northern slopes of the Apennines
In the council you can admire the Sanctuary of St. Mary del Giglio, Villa Gargallo, the Sambuca Castle and the church of St. James. The reasons behind the foundation of a Tuscan village in such a geographical position must be traced back to the arrival of the Longobards who, between the VII and the VIII centuries, after having conquered Pistoia, decided to protect the boundaries with the ...