Abetone, the ideal place for sport

The perfect ski resort for nature lovers


The area of the Abetone mountain, already renowned at the beginning of the twentieth century for the opportunities that it offered to ski enthusiasts, is still today the most important winter ski resort in central Italy. The four valleys, namely Val di Luce, Valle dello Scoltenna, Valle del Sestaione and Val di Lima that together make up the territory are all linked up and offer skiers 30 km of ski-slopes, equipped with an elaborate ski-lift system including cableways, chair-lifts, cable-cars, long-range ski-lifts and baby-lifts for youngsters. There is also an eighteen-kilometre long ring-shaped circuit for cross-country skiing. There are two skiing schools and the possibility to hire skiing equipment which makes this area particularly suitable for those who are new to the sport and wish to learn, while at the same time the difficulty of some of the slopes guarantees enjoyment and challenging skiing for those who are more expert. The fact that the Abetone, at its altitude of 1,400 m above sea level, is relatively near to the main cities of artistic interest in the northern part of Tuscany means that this resort is the ideal place to come for those who wish to alternate a day's sport with a visit to cities of art such as Pistoia, Florence, Lucca and Pisa which are not many kilometres away and may be easily reached by road.

The most important ski resort in the Apennines
Developed along the Modenese road and inaugurated in 1778, the area derives its name from a large pine that was cut down to open the road, near the pass of the same name. In the highest point where the road cuts away, the two stone Pyramids rise, built perhaps with a project by Leonardo Ximenes, that single out the pass and the old boundary between the Grand Duchy of Tuscany and the Duchy of ...