Piteglio, tra i boschi della Montagna Pistoiese
panoramaPanoramic views

A stunning view of the Pistoiese plain

Fields, nurseries and estates surround the marvellous city of Pistoia


There are plenty of places that offer views of the countryside around Pistoia, like the view from Mount Abetone or Mount Morello, but one of the most suggestive views is that from the hills of Montalbano. These soft hills are characteristic of the Valdinievole and the entire province of Pistoia and Montalbano is an ideal base for exploring Tuscany since it is near the main economic and tourist centres. The mountain, especially on the north-east side, offers a splendid 360° view of the surrounding countryside. You can see the city of Pistoia with its cathedral and historic monuments, the green of the urban parks which emerge among the red terracotta roof tiles, and the endless variety of plants in the nurseries which give this area a dreamlike, mystical character. A pearl of Tuscany, not to be missed!

A town rich in history and beauty
Collodi, like all towns which are in a strategic geographical position, has had a very troubled history. The town’s history has been marked by events revolving around the Garzoni family. They were part of the Ghibelline family, and therefore historic enemies of the Florentine Guelfs. ...