Apuan Alps
Naturalistic attractions

Apuan Alps Regional Park

The spectacle of marble mountains overlooking the sea

The Antro del Corchia
The Antro del Corchia - Credit: Emanuele Baroncelli
Monte Forato in the Apuan Alps
Monte Forato in the Apuan Alps

Isola Santa
Isola Santa - Credit: Luca Paolini
Parco Regionale Alpi Apuane
Castles, fortified sites and chisel-made medieval tunnels
Surrounded by the Apuan Alps, Stazzema is a scattered town, forming part of the historic Versilia region—in the area, it’s the only town that is entirely mountainous. With its magnificent setting and panoramic views, you'll want to admire its numerous hamlets—a solid 17 of them—which are spread down the slopes of the mountains. ...
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