Rievocazione Grassina

100 figures: Easter in Grassina

Historical parade and the re-enactment of the Passion of Christ

Bagno a Ripoli
This popular tradition, which has been documented with historical evidence, has occurred every Good Friday in Grassina since the early 17th century. In the beginning, it was an entirely religious event that the faithful participated in to ward off war, plague and other diseases; today is a historical and cultural re-enactment open to anyone who wants to see a great show. Suspended for years during the Great Wars, the event was held once again in 1950; it continued until 1966, year of the great flood in Florence. After 17 years, a group of volunteers from Grassina decided to hold it once again, changing it from its original format.

The re-enactment is held in two instances that occur contemporarily. The historical parade travels throughout the city centre streets and involved over 500 people dressed in costume; at the same time, the other event illustrates scenes of the way of life and passion of Christ as he walks to his death on the Via Crucis. 

When all of these actors meet at the end of the parade, these two separate events, the parade and the scenes, become one. This is also when Christ arrived at the point at which he would be erected on the cross. It is a large and beautifully performed live performance, set int the magical town of Grassina: the sounds, scents and lights are sure to move spectators.

All of the scripts are taken from the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. The music is from Dvorak, Orff, Handel, Grieg, Bach, Wagner, Verdi and Beethoven.

If the weather does not permit, the re-enactment will take place on April 21 at the same time.

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