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mulazzo, alpi apuane, valle del magra
Magra Valley map

Magra Valley

Among archeological sites and medieval castles

From seaside beauty to the gentle hills leading to the Tuscan-Emilia Appennines, the Magra Valley is an area rich in history and natural marvels that extends through various provinces of Massa Carrara and Liguria.

The Magra Valley has been inhabited since ancient times. Its first inhabitants were the Liguri Apuani, a peasant people that left its famous Stele statues, mysterious monoliths that take human form and likely represent the Earth Mother which can be seen in Statue Stele Museum in Pontremoli.

The Magra Valley also preserves evidence of Roman domination including the beautiful archaeological site in Luni which boasts the most interesting testimony to the past. It is here that we find the first Tuscan leg of the ancient Via Francigena which united the Paduan plain to the Tyrrhenian Sea. Along the same road, we find that ancient paths and trails are part of the modern hiking trails dotted with castles, towers and fortresses that appear out of nowhere, nested into hillsides, in green valleys, silent testimony to the past.