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Livorno Hills map

Livorno Hills

Livorno, Rosignano Marittimo and Collesalvetti comprise beautiful regional park area

The Livorno Hills area includes the city of Livorno, Rosignano Marittimo and Collesalvetti.
The territory is mostly made up of the regional park; another portion of the region is located in the coastal area within the Calafuria nature preserve. The western side of the hills offers an interesting “military” panorama, thanks to structures like the Castello del Boccale, the Calafuria Tower and the Sidney Sonnino Castle.
More towards the south, in the city of Rosignano Marittimo, we find the gorgeous beachside town, Castiglioncello, which is dominated by the Castello Pasquini.

In the northern area, we find the Montenero Sanctuary. In the interior eastern part we find the town of Valle Benedetta with its two 17th century sanctuaries. Ruins of three windmills built in the 18th century on the advice of Dutch engineers can still be seen today.
The Livorno Hills are filled with Mediterranean brush and trees that rise over 30 m in height. Among the most common are various types of pines, elms, maple and live oaks.