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Snow and nature are the perfect phrases to describe one of the most-loved tourist areas in Tuscany. The Appennine and the Abetone pass are the most important skiing destinations in the entire region.

The Pistoia Apennines are considered Tuscany's “snow mountain”, an area that also offers exciting activities in all seasons thanks to its natural beauty, history and the cathartic sensation that only fresh mountain air and its surrounding silence can give. Nature is the real star of the area thanks to the ancient forests, traditional gastronomic products and fable-like landscape every month of the year.

The Apennines form a border between Tuscany and Emilia along the Abetone pass (at 1,400 metres). Here, ski slopes are found over four valleys: Luce, Sestaione, Val di Lima and the Scoltenna, with 20km of slopes featuring real and artificial snow. The snow is just one of the many attractions, which include hospitality, excellent restaurants, cinema, skating rinks and other guest services. Because the location is known for its hiking it is a perfect summer destination where visitors can enjoy a number of sporting activities or outdoor walks. Among the most interesting trails are Monte Gomito and Monte Cimone.

The area also boasts exquisite traditional dishes, from polenta to tagliatelle, paired with local porcino mushrooms to succulent pork, and many more recipes that are the perfect pair for a vacation immersed in nature, tradition, sport and society. 
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